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NativeAdvertisingJOBS recruits for leading Employers in all major markets.

Here at NativeAdvertisingJOBS we fully understand that Every Day is a Money Day so with over 17 years of experience in Online and a mountain of connections we offer Employers the opportunity to land experienced Online professionals for their businesses while being able to focus on important daily responsibilities like...driving revenue.


You can call us your recruitment Minions, we won't be offended.



Finding Talent for Hiring Managers or Business Owners can be one of the biggest drains of time/productivity killers that they can encounter. Why? ...because it is something that can't be - or shouldn't be - done like a part-time job, either by someone internally or by part-time recruiters. In an industry where relationships are key, landing great Talent should be a top priority - DAILY. If you're going to do something, do it right as your business depends on it.

So much time is spent on optimizing ad campaigns, now it's time to optimize your Talent recruitment efforts.


Just think: Every day that there is a key position still open it is like having a client call going unanswered - a guaranteed lost revenue opportunity. Even if you have a full-time recruiter in house, it pays to have additional help in your corner as we reach the best candidates first.

Online Experience

Our Founder Mike Carney has been delivering Online solutions since 1997. After years of working for some of the biggest names in the CPM and Performance Marketing worlds Mike launched the Golden Sky ROI recruitment network in December 2012.


The greatest part of what we get to do is to help OUR industry grow by connecting friends with friends. With extensive industry knowledge we help Candidates connect with the true leaders of the industry while avoiding fly by night organizations. If your company is not stable or if your compensation packages are not remotely competitive than we are likely to respectfully refer you to our competitors. Our reputation is built on the quality of the opportunities that we represent and the quality of the candidates that we work with - so screening out inferior opportunities is as important as screening out in-experienced candidates.


For our Employer clients, we provide them with the quickest route to quality Talent as we've crossed paths many times with the best Business Development professionals, the best Publisher Managers, industry savvy Online Media Buyers, ninja like tech staff, Sr. Management, etc. and because we can separate the steak from the sizzle.


We're like the bartendar at a trade show, we listen to the industry, have diversified conversations on a regular basis AND everybody talks to us at some point. When we see a mutually beneficial relationship, then we make introductions.


Outside of the extensive networking that we do, we have gained an invaluable advantage over our competitors by launching niche focused websites like RealTimeBiddingJOBS, AffiliateManagementJOBS, NativeAdvertisingJOBS and our flagship website - We're not looking for monster traffic, we're just looking for the right visitors. No trolling, just quality conversations.


With over 20 years of Professional Sales experience, Online Sales Management experience, Recruitment experience and 17 years in Online, Mike has extensive connections in the Online community, can find Talent and most importantly - can deliver Results. Don't take our word for it, just listen to our clients:

Client Testimonials

"Mike’s been a great partner and has helped us identify quality candidates for our growing our team, which is our #1 priority. Finding qualified candidates in the performance marketing industry can be a needle in a haystack, to its nice to work with a company focused in that area. Mike’s been a pleasure to work with and very flexible with our needs."

"Mike has been a pleasure to work with. He displays a high level of professionalism at every step in the process and has the ability to connect employers with high grade candidates. I look forward to utilizing Mike's services again as we continue to grow our team."

"Mike and his organization have been a tremendous help in growing our team. Their experience, contacts and outreach have brought us some strong candidates that have quickly made a positive impact in growing our business."

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